About The Workshop

Show Me the Coast 2015: Telling Stories and Using Visuals for Coastal Environmental Communication

The Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs will host a workshop on “Telling Stories and Using Visuals for Coastal Environmental Communication” on Friday, May 1, 2015 at Louisiana State University. The workshop has been funded the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Manship Facilities: http://www.manship.lsu.edu/about-manship/facilities/
Manship Facilities: http://www.manship.lsu.edu/about-manship/facilities/

The workshop, funded by a NASW grant, will focus on developing digital storytelling skills through working with images, graphics and video. Using real life examples, we will demonstrate what makes images, graphics, and videos effective or ineffective communication tools. We will introduce participants to low cost and publicly available data visualization tools and equipment. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to show patterns and trends using visually appealing graphics and interactive data; turn data into charts or maps; integrate visual design in digital, social and mobile platforms; discuss ethical and legal issues in visual environmental communication; and share their work on digital platforms.

The workshop will be held on the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the main lobby of the Journalism Building.

Journalism Building, LSU
Journalism Building, LSU
LSU Campus, Baton Rouge LA
LSU Campus, Baton Rouge LA

Who are we?

Our immediate team members, who have organized this workshop and will also be among the session speakers, including Dr. Amy L. Reynolds, Paige Brown Jarreau and Zeynep Altinay. We are experienced science and environmental communicators, multimedia storytellers and/or science bloggers. We have previously received funding from LSU’s Coastal Sustainability Studio (project page here) to initiate a course in Coastal Environmental Communication at the Manship School (see our class blog from 2014). We used our project funding in 2013 to conduct extensive research interviews with environmental psychologists and local environmental communicators regarding best practices for pro-environmental communication, and to conduct a survey Louisiana residents on their information needs regarding positive behavior change toward environmental issues. We plan on combining the expertise we’ve gleaned from this project and our past experiences to help science writers across the Southern U.S. address coastal environmental issues using engaging storytelling, visual communication and data visualization.


Zeynep Altinay is a Ph.D. candidate at Manship School of Mass Communication. She has taught visual communication courses with a focus on emerging technology at both Indiana University and Louisiana State University. She holds Masters degrees in journalism and environmental sciences, and previously worked as a science journalist. She is currently investigating how different images engage diverse audiences and shape public perceptions of sea level rise, coastal land loss, and climate change in the dynamic Louisiana coastal landscape. You can find more about her work at www.zeynepaltinay.com.

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Paige Brown Jarreau is a Ph.D. candidate at Manship School of Mass Communication. Her research focuses on science communication, science journalism and new media. She hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biological & Agricultural Engineering from Louisiana State University. Paige is an experienced science blogger and blog network manager for SciLogs.com, and has experience teaching strategic social media to mass communication students. She is also a nature photographer, and often communicates about science and science communication through social media.

amy reynolds

Amy Reynolds holds the Thomas O. and Darlene Ryder II Distinguished Professorship at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. Her research focuses on dissent and the First Amendment, First Amendment history, and media sociology, particularly in relationship to media coverage of breaking news and of terrorism. She has recently been engaged in research and teaching projects in environmental and science communication, especially with LSU’s Coastal Sustainability Studio. She has written/edited four books and authored numerous book chapters and journal articles. She will be adding to our workshop a deep knowledge of law and copyright as it pertains to visual and environmental communication.


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